In August of 2008, The TRZ Endowment Fund was established through the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Our Board of Directors realized that with the current state of the economy they needed to plan for the long range financial health of The Relief Zone. Our active endowment fund provides an annual return based on the size of the fund, the larger the fund the larger the return. Historically, not for profit organizations such as TRZ are established by a substantial endowment of funds from the estate of a benefactor.


As a potential TRZ benefactor, we are sharing with you our efforts for long term financial stability. There are many ways to be involved:

  • A tax deductible donation to The TRZ Fund, via the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.
  • A donation post card can be mailed to you when you provide us contact information
  • When making your own estate plans, will service, insurance policy applications and memorials.
  • Sharing endowment information with your family and neighbors. Brochures can be obtained by contacting TRZ.

In 2000, TRZ began with volunteers and donated equipment. From this meager beginning, TRZ has grown to serve over 300 young people a week! We hope that you feel as we do, that The Relief Zone is a community treasure worth sustaining. Thank you for your consideration in regards to supporting TRZ.

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